Barcelona Night of the Museums

Night of Museums (Nit dels Museus) is held every year in Barcelona for years from now, usually during the month of May, when the weather is as nice in Barcelona and want to go out at night to stroll and enjoy culture free. In 2019, The Night of Museums will take place on May 18. […]


Free cinema on Barcelona beach in summer

If you are in Barcelona in the summer and want to enjoy free activities at night, do not miss the free movies on Thursdays at Sant Sebastià beach, a project driven by Cinema Lliure a la Platja. Enjoy free movie in a wonderful and privileged sea front from Juny 28th to August 2th. It is […]


Gay discos and pubs you should visit in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the European cities with a most festured gay leisure area . The famous Gayxample , located in the heart of the city, extends between the vertical limits of the streets of Balmes and Calàbria, and the horizontal limits of Gran Vía de les Corts Catalanes and Provença; a few city blocks […]


Going out at night in Barcelona

The night of Barcelona offers many possibilities. Going out at night in Barcelona is very common because the city is full of places where to have fun. Night out in Barcelona is later in other countries, since the dinner is also later (between the 21 h and 22 h.). Usually reach nightclubs around 1 in […]


Boat ride in Ciutadella Park (Barcelona)

Just a few days before the start of spring, plans are starting to come for those of us who can enjoy only the good weather. How wonderful is Barcelona in Spring! 😉 One of those plans that without a doubt you can like is a boat ride through the mythical Parc de la Ciutadella (Ciutadella […]


Enjoy the soundtrack of Game of Thrones at Palau Sant Jordi!

Good news! If you are a GoT fan, you can enjoy the soundtrack of Game of Thrones at the Palau Sant Jordi in a unique event; the less good news is that … you’ll still have to wait a few months, since it will not be until May 2018 that we can enjoy such a show! The experience, […]


Sant Antoni Abad raid: enjoy animals!

Sant Antoni Abad (San Antonio Abad) is the patron saint of animals and everyone knows that his festival is popularly known by the nickname of the Three Tombs , due to the modest but famous ride that bears his name. The Cabalgata (Ride) dels Tres Tombs of Sant Antoni in Barcelona takes place in different neighborhoods of Barcelona, ​​the best known being […]


Tourist offices in Barcelona

When you arrive to Barcelona one of the first things you do (you and anyone ;-)) is looking for the tourist offices in Barcelona (also called information points). Well done! Because it is important to learn above a map of all there is to see, where is it, where we are right now …For this reason we […]


Where to go out at night in Barcelona on weekdays

Often it happens that many locals and nightclubs only open Thursday, Friday and Saturday, but you, you come to Barcelona for a few days and enjoy the day and night so you want to go out at night in Barcelona on weekdays. Do not worry, we help you do! Come up with a list of […]