Cheap bars in Barcelona

How we like to drink! Whether during the day or night out, we love it! The problem is that the economy of our pocket is not always what we would like and sometimes that prevents us from carrying out certain plans … But do not worry! We will look at some options for cheap bars […]


Music in the Parks of Barcelona in summer

Summer is (almost) here! There are countless fun things to do and also many free things. One of them are the cycles of music in various parks in Barcelona. The cycle ‘Music als Parcs’ offers 45 free concerts of different kind of music. The 27 parks that host these concerts are: Parque de la Ciutadella, Jardines de la […]


The best horchatas in Barcelona

It’s June. Summer is comming, San Juan night is approaching, we started going to the beach in Barcelona and it is time to … take horchata! 🙂 But not worth any horchata! The horchata has to be good … do we say good, horchata has to be the best horchata to taste and enjoy it […]


FIRE 2014, Film Festival of gay and lesbian film Barcelona

FIRE back to Barcelona, ​​the International Film Festival of gay and lesbian films. The new edition of FIRE! will take place from 2 to 13 July will take place in Barcelona. The event invites you to celebrate hedonism and attitude of ‘Glam’ as an expression of freedom. With the motto ‘We can be Heroes’ Bowie, inspired […]


Discos with tents (“carpas”) in Barcelona or nearby

With the arrival of warm weather, go to discos with carpas (tents) is one of the things we would like to do. Normally you know we always say that in Barcelona you have everything .. Well, nightclubs tents is one of those things we lack so we have quite a few alternatives that lead us […]


Tapas Route in Nou Barris neighborhood all Thursdays

We talked more times about tapas in Barcelona and even initiatives of cheap or low cost tapas in our city. In fact, not many weeks ago we wrote about  Tapantoni, an initiative of the district of Sant Antoni which allowed us to make a lid over a beer on Wednesdays. The success of such actions and […]


Human Bodies Exposure, the human body as you have never seen

If you’re in Barcelona, ​​do not miss the exhibition Human Bodies. An exhibition that is going around the world and shows us the inside of the human body in a way never seen before. The exhibition, composed entirely of real samples, consists of over 150 individual organs and 12 complete bodies, in addition to impress […]


Musical spring in the bars of Barcelona

With the arrival of Spring we like even go outside and between visits, going to bars for a drink or tapas 😉 Well you are in luck because some bars in Barcelona offer free musical performances during the weeks prior to Primavera Sound 2014 Barcelona. The show is free, all you will have to pay is, of course, […]

Luz de Gas in Barcelona

If you want go out at night in Barcelona and want to do it by known places, Luz de Gas is one of those places you have to go and enjoy 😉 Luz de Gas is one of the most famous discos in Barcelona, a classic of Barcelona’s nightlife .Located in the upper part of […]


Tapantoni 2014 ¡Enjoy very cheap tapas on Wednesday!

In this blog we like eat and especially we love go out to eat tapas in Barcelona. We have written many times about tapas in Barcelona and cheap tapas in Barcelona. And when we talk about low cost tapas we talked about Tapantoni, an initiative of Sant Antoni neighborhood of Barcelona that is to provide […]