Discos with tents (“carpas”) in Barcelona or nearby

With the arrival of warm weather, go to discos with carpas (tents) is one of the things we would like to do. Normally you know we always say that in Barcelona you have everything .. Well, nightclubs tents is one of those things we lack so we have quite a few alternatives that lead us […]

Luz de Gas in Barcelona

If you want go out at night in Barcelona and want to do it by known places, Luz de Gas is one of those places you have to go and enjoy 😉 Luz de Gas is one of the most famous discos in Barcelona, a classic of Barcelona’s nightlife .Located in the upper part of […]

Rumba’s night in Plaça Catalunya today

Mercè Festival has already begun and today is Rumba’s night in Plaça Catalunya! Yesterday Ferran Adrià made the official opening ceremony of Mercè 2013 and today there are a lot of activities in different places in the city. Today Friday, one of the highlights activities is the night of Rumba in Plaça Catalunya in Barcelona. At 9.30 […]

Run-fires Mercè 2013 (El Correfocs)

The Run-fires of Mercè Festival 2013 is one of the most desired activities of the Barcelona Main Festival. Maybe because people love seeing the fire at outdoor parties. Like every year, in 2013 the Mercè Run-Fires be held when the night begins to fall and there will be two of the Mercè 2013 different run-fires: one […]

At summer, free music in the parks of Barcelona

At summer, music in the parks of Barcelona with”Música als Parcs” (Music in the Parks), a cycled organized by the Department of Environment and Urban Services and has the support of Taller de Musics, L’Auditori, the International Music Competition Maria Canals and the Band Barcelona Municipal Conservatory of Liceu and Aigues Veri. All concerts Municipal […]