Barcelona Night of the Museums

Night of Museums (Nit dels Museus) is held every year in Barcelona for years from now, usually during the month of May, when the weather is as nice in Barcelona and want to go out at night to stroll and enjoy culture free. In 2019, The Night of Museums will take place on May 18. […]


Free cinema on Barcelona beach in summer

If you are in Barcelona in the summer and want to enjoy free activities at night, do not miss the free movies on Thursdays at Sant Sebastià beach, a project driven by Cinema Lliure a la Platja. Enjoy free movie in a wonderful and privileged sea front from Juny 28th to August 2th. It is […]


Tapantoni comes back again!

We love tapas and we are pleased that the initiative Tapantoni get going again. Recall that we have already experienced other issues (and extensions) of Tapantoni, an initiative of free tapas in the district of Sant Antoni in Barcelona. From 13 to 29 May, dozens of bars and establishments fashioned neighborhood of Sant Antoni will […]


January Sales 2017. Enjoy shopping!

If there is something almost as expected as Christmas, that are the January Sales. In 2017, January Sales in Barcelona begin, as usual, on January 7. However, many businesses that adapt to the rules (but they cannot labbel with “sales” word), are beginning January offers much earlier, so that Three Magic Kings can shop with more discount […]

Santa Llúcia Fair 2016

Some call Feria de Santa Lucia and others, especially Barcelona inhabitants, Fira de Santa Llúcia. Whatever the name (Spanish or Catalan), we clear what we mean: our Christmas market in front of the Cathedral of Barcelona, ​​which will begin on November 27 this year until December 23, the night before Santa Claus visit our homes […]

Christmas fair in Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia, the most famous monument in Barcelona, also has to a Christmas Fair surround it. Christmas Fair of Sagrada Familia, which is held every year in Barcelona from 60’s, has become one of the most traditional Christmas markets in the Eixample district. Although it may seem that it is not as famous as Fira […]


Black Friday Barcelona. Come on shopping!

November 25 is coming soon and Black Friday is coming too! Do you know what Black Friday is? It is a marathon of purchases originated in 2005 in USA. It has become the most commercial day in the country, and in Barcelona it is in growing slowly. Well, as we said Black Friday also comes to Barcelona, […]


Barcelona Oktoberfest. Up your beer!

Those who are lovers of beer in Barcelona we can not complain, because the truth is that we often have events and festivals dedicated to this rich drink barley In October we fixed another beer festivals Oktoberfest in Barcelona!. The Oktoberfest Barcelona is conceived as a popular German holiday. Access is totally totally free and […]


Accommodation to sleep during Primavera Sound 2014

Are you coming to Primavera Sound 2014 and looking for accommodation to sleep? We suggest some good proposals to sleep on economic plan and quite close to the event. Sleep in B&B Barcelona City North during Primavera Sound 2014. The Barcelona City North is a accommodation located in the northern center of Barcelona, on the border of […]


Barcelona Beer Festival: Homer Simpson’s dream come true

Barcelona Beer Festival is here again! Great! We love beer and it was eternal wait a year to enjoy this event again. But it has already arrived and will be this weekend, from Friday 13 to Sunday 15 March. The fourth edition of Barcelona Beer Festival, the popular beer festival of our city, will be hold at […]